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nic west – 4.0 lyrics


top shotta, real shot caller
ladies call me big papa, don’t be scared to come and holla
all about a mighty dolla, tryna kick it with a balla
ever since i can remember i been poppin’ my collar
like i’m 3 6
need something with a v12 not no v6
don’t gotta like it, but respect it when you see dis aye
got a problem speak ya mind but just don’t sneak diss aye
just don’t sneak diss
don’t understand it haters throw salt for no reason
but i be on my pivot uh, you can’t catch me slippin’ nawl
see i’m a vet in the game i’m too seasoned
she say that p+ssy mine but i’m like baby i’m just leasin’
i’m leasin’
i’m gone
got my b.a. in p.o
gpa a 4.0
uh, see you know how da game go
you know how the gamе go
ya dig, you know what i’m sayin’ that’s coming
from a pimp named nic west ya dig, ya know what i’m saying
i walk the walk; i talk thе talk you gone need a gps, so you don’t
get lost in all this sauce you dig what i’m talking about
know what i’m saying
i got flavor for every neighbor, same sh+t different toilet paper

back in it, still winning, steady drippin’, never simpin’
groupie love gott’em beggin’ for the d like i’m a piston
hit it once, like nachos can’t do the double dippin’
in the chi i need extra sauce on my harold’s chicken
see my money long, i’m talking nose on scottie pippin
aye i’m setting trends, i create the wave and watchem’ mimic
gotta whole lotta guala, lotta haters, i’m unbothered
gotta dame she a model come and pop it for some dollars
got 99 problems but a b+tch ain’t one
if you ain’t getting money, better get you some
cause i’m too hot to handle
no stylist, i’m my own designer got broads in atlanta
i had to raise my standards

got my b.a. in p.o
gpa a 4.0
uh, see you know how da game go
you know how the game go
an see like taco bell i’m giving too much sauce
it’s evident that i keep a nina, i don’t need a subpoena
even in low tides i’m creating waves ya dig
and that’s coming from a pimp named nic west