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nick bowens – the moon lyrics


i can’t give you the world
but i’ll give you the moon
much better than n-gg-s
tryna get you in rooms
more clever with letters
put several together i’m really in tune
i’m really in tune with vibes and motions and all that sh-t
your vibe is perfect i’m callin that sh-t
i like your perspective on life affection is affecting my light
it used to be dark but i found me a spark
i’m telling the truth
do you know what it’s like when you look from afar to see all these perfect little worlds
this perfect lil girl turn into a nuthin lil ho
cas you had a question
but she was so reckless but you ain’t even risk it you thought she’d say no
that’s why i’m so distant to b-tches who diss me
be all on my mentions
you know this the glow