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nick cave the bad seeds – jangling jack lyrics


“jangling jack”

jangling jack
goes yackety yack
visits the home of the brave
hails a fat yellow cab
jack wanna celebrate
jack wanna big drink
driver drops him at a bar
called the rinky d-nk
jack pushes through the door
and crosses the floor
tips his hat to a man
grinning in the corner
going do da do do da do

says, i’m jangling jack
i go do da do
i wanna rinky d-nk special
i wanna little umbrella too
jack flops on his stool
sees the grinning man laugh
so jack laughs back
jack raises his gl-ss
says, god bless this country
and everything in it
the losers and the winners
the good guys and the sinners
the grinning man says, buddy
it’s all yackety yack
whips out a little black pistol
shoots a bullet in jack

jangling jack do da do do da do
jangling jack
how do you do da do

jangling jack flies off his seat
crashes through the door
lands in a heap on the street
hears his mother’s voice
going, do do do
jack is shouting
mummy is that you?
he sees the berserk city
sees the dead stacked in piles
sees the screaming crowd
screams, where am i?
going do da do going do da do

well jangling jack
as a matter of fact
crawls through the crowd
back into the bar
jack crawls to his stool
jack drags himself up
falls back down on his -rs-
in a puddle of blood
going goodbye mummy
goodbye goodbye
jack doubles over
and he vomits and dies
going do do do going do do do