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nick vig – life in the hometown lyrics


yeah, i’m on that ‘t’ right now, yeah
yeah, *sigh*, yeah
once again, once again, yeah
i’m in my zone, leave me alone, yeah
before i’m gone, yeah

[verse 1]
yeah life in the hometown
i learned to pick up my head man and put the motherf-cking phone down
i swear this shit is surreal to me
trying to put together words to explain how i feel to me
i see what you appear to be
but that shit ain’t really real to me
now you all wanna marry me?
but that shit ain’t really real to me
the realest moment ever was the night at the apollo
so d-mn nervous i could barely even swallow
in front of judges who loved it so much they cried to me
shook my hand after the show that shit was wild to me
it goes to show you what the grind can bring
can’t wait to shake the hand of the man who signed me
but until further due, i’m here to bring to you, my heart and my soul when i hold the mic and i sing to you
d-mn, yeah

[break: phone call]
what’s up bro? i just got the message man, f-cking getting chills here, can’t explain what’s going on. phenomenal shit, honestly phenomenal shit. i’ve been meaning to talk so i picked up that call you left me. told her the lines not working, long day. music has been [entirely?], you got a lot to show and a lot of knowledge

[verse 2]
life in the hometown
i’m grown now
at times i think about myself and i’m so proud
one of the few to take a chance, pulled up his pants
stood tall with a cultivated stance
feels like my mind state is more advance
that’s why in this life i have more demands
and at times it’s hard to balance and i wish i had more hands
but it’s cool though, yeah
and my ex keeps sweating me, regretting me
and she can’t believe how nothing is affecting me
say i’m cold and my heart is black
just trying to figure out what is meant for me
yeah, life in the hometown set me free
i’m on a mission to try to find what really is meant to be
cause man, i’m the m.v.p and
i. don’t. know. why
i think it’s just the territory and what comes with it
little do they know that it is just me having fun with it
i put the game into submission
i plan to leave a mark and make sure everybody listened
you cannot see my vision
so move aside boy
don’t ever let them ruin your drive
i’ma look to the sky, ’til there’s blue in my eyes
i’ma look to the sky, ’til there’s blue in my eyes

if there’s one thing i know you won’t hold me back
you’ll never ever know where i’ll be at
you can call my phone, i won’t answer back
you’ll never ever know where i’ll be at
before i’m gone