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nick zazove – kill me lyrics


verse 1

f-ck me like i’m grinding up your shelter
i am a recluse, and i love it like the looseleaf
tell her she’s the noose bleeding youth at the blood fountain’s velvet
i brush against while cuffed to the exit
don’t talk while i sense it. i’ll lick you till you’re
hollow. i’ll follow till you swallow my commencement. offensive
ascending to the gate on the street corner’s pension
those dirty stains canon yet forgotten by the tension
i’m reckless till you need me. i’ll f-ck you like the tv
control me, i’ll control you till you need me. i’m easy
don’t matter if i count sheep or drown the fuss beneath me
these feet scurry a treaded line that thickens at the punch, right? defeat me

bridge 1

(my battle station’s ready)

verse 2

puffing out the mist that you sliced through with a fifth
so voluptuous, something this amounts to in a fix
i can take you to the nevermore, just beg me for the p-sskey
to lock you in my heart, unabashedly. grappling with-
fate as a phantom for your reason rhyming hex
don’t love me like a savior, just k!ll me for effects
aloud, i’ll break the fourth wall, and free all your neglect
till i bask inside the poison of your lips that fills my chest
and i need that compensation. you need my conversation
i want the life i never got to live inside my bas-m-nt
amazing that the sp-ce between my mask and face erases-
when i tell myself you’re special as i fade into the nascence

bridge 2

i’ll never take my silence
i’ll never float to islands
i’ll never see her dancing through the waves above my finance
she’s heavy

verse 3

eye for an eye for a breath. i swallow my-
pride for the rest. hook on my left
rotsw-ng my right. beatings per minute-
the pillory’s teething my ego for critics-
i’m never at home. my bedpan in harmony
coda for chrome. my pocket’s an armory
dyed in the greenlands, pinkerton flows
print anesthetic, the mags full of rome
i’m sprawled on the pavement my crooked reign’s ending-
her lips match the tip of my tongue and i levy-
an imperfect union for martyr’s sake, symbols that-
inch with my floaties for third eye estates
i am my fate that developed a mind
the next day i read my whole story upside
the treatise developed, her voice became “h-llo”
and echoed the sp-ce between h-ll and allegro-
alas, my faustus appraisal dismembered-
i found myself running in circles bereft of my-
eschars. rose colored pyro-synthetic
i walk to my preference, the h-ll round my exit
tethered to god like a henchman, rocking my-
dreams like a sisyphus fiend’s jukebox epic
social dyslexia poached from a replica
double my efforts and come out the relic’s bust