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nicki minaj – take it off lyrics


“take it off”

you need a future daddy
give me my peter pan
when i hit the club it’ll be me and my conceited friend
been signing autographs
since like a quarter past
i’m in the hallway, dont need no hall p-ss
if i eat it then everybody gonna order that
everything i do these b-tches wishin they’da thought of that
i’m a indian giver i want the quarter back
if hip hop was dead, b-tch i just brought her back
take it to the off
i’ma take it take it off
i’ma take it to the club
then we take it to the loft
i’ma take it to my n-gg-s, i’ma take it to the boss
i’ma jiggle it jiggle it
bakin soda soft
i’ma put it in ya face, i’ma put it in ya braids
the way i make it pop, you can put me in the sp-ce
make it rain as a ten thousand dollar day
poppin like champaign on a holiday

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