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nicolay – what it used to be lyrics


[von pea – verse 1ne]
we was on some dinner and a movie
the state, place, and court street
the movie startin at 12, so let’s time to eat
barely talked while we ate, both kinda shy
but you was 10, out and in, so i gotta try
small talk, like i’m runnin for president
makin her laugh and such, back to an uncomfortable hush
paid the bill and then jet
11:50, i said, “jet” – heh-heh
hit the movies a lil’ late, but she the main feature
get to the seats, asked me to get her some sweets
eww, jujubes, hopefully they taste better
off of her t–th – hold up, nic..
yo, left arm around her neck, the scent so sweet
like nicolay on beats, smile dimples and cheeks
still kinda awkward, but the tension is there
the way she touched my leg, the way i play with her hair
black chicks lettin you touch her weave is rare
spilt in her black jean skirt, i tried not to stare
half-b-tton her red purse, shirt to match
and her hand in the popcorn, the tub is in my lap

[hook 2x]
ain’t nothing tame in the game, it don’t change
cover your eyes, he’s got a surprise, shorty
cover your eyes, she’s got a surprise, brother

[von pea – verse 2wo]
shaped like a colt .55, honey had a +major figga+ like ab-liva
got her hair dyed up, black with red stripes
a prada bag buyer; you would think conceit, but she actually sweet
liek when i first met her, she was happy to meet
shook my hand and now our eyes started to dance
i sized her up, and it upped my size
i mean, looka t her eyes and look at her thighs
how could i deny intimidation?
she know the sh-t but wasn’t hatin, she was cooler than refrigeration
kept talkin on the street until i mention datin
i took her number like communion, hopin to make a union
continued to speak and then back to hear
kinda tipsy, i’ll give up my rap career
for this pretty young thing at eighteen
what of her face seem to bring, i’m wait-in
sippin the drink at dinner, the fl!ck is over
we add litter to the floor with candy, she want some more
last visit to the snack bar, then to a cab, pah
it’s two in the morn, plus in the cab, i’m mad hard
“von, it’s too late for me to go to the house
my moms don’t play around, by now i’m locked out
maybe i should call my girl” in other words
she comin over to rock my world
i got this girl!

[hook 2x]

[von pea – verse 3hree]
bring that pretty -ss to my crib (oooooh!!)
so we could sit down and talk for hours
scratch that, get down and fork for hours
sn-tch that, surround my cork for hours
naw, i’m buggin, thirty-five minutes later, she nothing
we get hungry after the session, she over the oven
makin hot dogs, she drank all the lemonade
ate all the chips, all the minute maid
she has to go, but we stayin in touch
next week, next date, we ain’t sayin as much
or playin as much, it’s more like, “you ready to go now?”
i’m givin her the look like, “you ready to bone now, or what?”
we take it to her crib, and take it to her ribs
and now i’m walkin ’round the crib
family fl!cks and graduation, a brown living room set
a beige carpet and a playstation
couple of books and more pictures
opened up her baby album and snickered, coulda cried a river
‘cuase of one picture, she was no older than three
standin wit a little boy that look just like me
same head, same face, matter fact that is me
recalled ’87 when i had that ten-speed
asked her about it, and as far as she remembers
it was taken by her moms, a reunion in virginia
speak of the devil, her mother enters
oh d-mn, it’s aunt linda!

[instrumental break]

now clap yo’ hands, i know you want to (one, two)
now sing along, i know you want to (one, two)
now stomp yo’ feet, i know you (one, two)
just feel the vibe, i know you (one, two)
la-lah-la-lah, i know you want to (one, two)
zah-zinga-zing, i know you want to (one, two)
zoom-zoom-zoom-zoom, i know you want to (one, two)
and we do it like this, i know you want to (one, two)