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nina – believe in the dream lyrics


believe in the dream

reach out your hand
to the possibility
to the miracles you see
inside that open door
is that one chance at flight
you’ve been waiting all your life
so take this moment now breathe in and let it out
the time has come for you to spread your wings

believe in the dream believe in the promise
that you can be all that you wanted to be
believe in the future you have in your hands
the choice is yours to make so take the chance
believe in the dream

be calm be strong
when you’re living in a moment
you know you can’t go wrong
become all you can be
find a place of your own
there in the face of the sun
you’ve got something to say let go give it all the way
the world is waiting now for you to sing

[repeat chorus]

that you’ve always wanted
there’s nothing in the world
you can’t achieve
as long as you feel it
you’ll see that it’s right before your eye
any moment now
you’ll realize your dream…
if you just believe…

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