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ninety nine collective – letters home lyrics


dragged out, it’s dragged out, you know, ok
and it’s like this for a reason, it’s draaagged out, and not perfect…

surfing amongst the stars, you really find out who you are
until you look-in back to earth and see that you’ve come really far
and you’re loving where you are

cause oh, up here, this town is looking bright
can’t see no sad, or ain’t no scary sh-t out here tonight
but i know someone’s scared tonight

i miss my family, miss my friends, my life, myself, when will it end?
it’s time to go back home and look around and see what’s left
i know they’re happy that i’m back

i need some visine though
i need some visine though
i need some advice
something else that i give up
something else that i could help
everyday, everyday feel like i drown

i guess it’s stretching, it’s stretching my mind right now, and i don’t know where it’s going, but it’s going


i hope

k!ll it