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nino man – rns lyrics


[verse 1]

every night i pray
thank the lord i made it another day (yup)
get off my -ss cuz i got money to make
stay away from broke n-ggas cuz they be f-ckin’ up cake (facts)
when you got the money, they with you roll, sippin’ (yup)
go a lil’ broke then poof, they go missin’ (d-mn)
love my n-ggas cuz if i go broke it’s no different (facts)
i try to tell y’all real n-gga sh-t but y’all don’t listen (juuuu heard)
this life lookin’ good can’t wait til’ it’s all in order
came a long way from pecan swirls and colder waters (wooooo)
know a few people that hated me, now they love me (word)
when i was down an out at the edge they tried to shove me
now it’s champagne in my cup they see it’s bubbly (yup)
you better take a look in the mirror it’s gettin’ ugly
i do this for the b-tches that didn’t want me then dumped me
now these dolls wanna play, i told that b-tch save it for chucky
no more games
no more ties
i already know the truth now no more lies (nahhh)
no i can’t pick you up, no more rides
i promise i won’t fall in love with no more slides (haha)
i focus on the money cuz it’ll never let me down (yeahh)
y’all know time money make sh-t worth ever while (yeah)
i’m hittin’ heavy loud (loud)
i’m tryina catch the flow before the next shift come so i’m pitchin’ every vowel (powww)
i’m tryina get there, people think i been stable
three fourths of my life i didn’t have cable (yup)
b-tches tryina play u (yup)
n-ggas tryina flame u (yup)
i even had clothes back then with no label
i always had sheets never had no quilt
barely had cereal but when i did no milk
i tell y’all bout the struggle cuz i’m still in this sh-t
this ain’t for the fake n-ggas
this is real n-gga sh-t

real n-gga sh-t
this is real n-gga sh-t