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no nxme – unlimited smoke lyrics


[verse 1: no nxme]
beat that corn on the mains, no face
i don’t give a f+ck bout rap, man slap him
pk buj or i whip that lay
bando baby, know i stay active
been on drills, it’s a mad ting sad ting
load them waps, no capping
other side camping, no man’s attacking
catch man lacking, know it’s a gang ting
i was nineteen with bricks and sticks
all the man on my block know i took them trips
five year min when i took those risks
got l for the m, free china
man live in the war zone, ain’t no resurgence
see my man, i’ma burst him
i don’t bust no juj, i ain’t into the cursing
i’m really tryna get a man down in person
spin this whip, it’s curtains
did that sh+t if i said it
nine mm’s or shotgun pellets
feds on the gang cah they know we get it
phone line ring, got the cats all coming
know they can’t come to my strip, i run it
send a y.g. like mad max done him
four in the clip, make it sound like it’s drumming
unlimited smoke
did it with gang dem, i did it with bro
did it on my ones, put faith in my guns
seen them man get bun, he ain’t make it home
how many man been bagged for a booting?
jakes know we’re strapped in luton
armed response know what i’m on
y’s came strapped with the twelve gauge dots
f+ck with me or the ar g’s
gun smoke in the air, got things in the ride
four man step, two tings on my side
we don’t beef on the net bro, come outside
sh+lls dem fly, put in the sky
real rap, we don’t tell no lies
m’s on my mind, that’s money and murder
say no more on the glide
[verse 2: dakn]
devilish d, i got it on me
i’m a real life d+e+m+o+n
i was seventeen, tried catch me a body
i turned eighteen, i done that again
firmed that kickback, really got hit with a shotty
shh got smoked like a blem
out here tryna get rich like roddy
but bro caught the drilliest case for a m
slang that bobby, bang that shotty
and pray he don’t f+cking make it
bad b give noddy, trapping’s a hobby
get hands on the box and break it
i was p+ssed when my yard got raided
karma for all the bandos invaded
get round there in a stolen whizz
it is what it is if the car ain’t plated
opps just talk bare sh+t, don’t walk their strip
they give verbal and they hide
i’m on the strip with a nine on my hip
pray that you don’t slip, wet caution sign
anything green get filled with bine
peekaboo, catch him by surprise
claim that they’re onto me
they jump on tracks and start telling porky pies
don’t kick up a tantrum
when i back out this handgun with this handgun
hold big man for ransom
tell your grandma that i’m keeping her grandson
the sweets in this baby nina come little like banton
all them glides that man done
jump out the car with m, tryna catch us a m
you know we had mad fun
[verse 3: madda]
if i catch me a k!ller, i won’t pop no pills
i’ll bark this spliff if we did that drill
i show no guilt, that’s part of the script
good with my fists but i stay with my ching
can’t walk on a lacks so i’m staying equipped
and i got mine then bro’s got his
back out both like a packet of twix
twenty+five inch, haffi walk with a limp
don’t walk on my strip
f+ck a german whip, i’ll phone up bro and buy some sticks
ching or cl!ck, our pg ways
his yard got lit, got his marjay p+ssed
if we could go back we’d do it again
no fibs, in front of that b+tch
intention to catch me a m when i pray my salah
jump in the ride
that’s me and d, tell the driver “drive”
two rambo blades and a baby nine
with the baby nine we’ll circle the nine
any black yute get filled with bine
step with the blade or wap, it’s live
ar eight, we’re violent guys

unlimited smoke
did it with gang dem, i did it with bro
grip it and go
don’t trespass in rock, get smoked like crow
shoulda turned ghost
the nine won’t know, can’t chat bout smoke
cl!ck it and blow
two am’s to my name, them boy better know
ar eight with the ar g’s
gun smoke in the air, got things in the ride

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