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noctem – divinity lyrics


unleashed for vengeance
destroying everything on my way
won’t await their sentence
never under their sway
can this world be normal?
when an executioner becomes a judge
when a corrupted man becomes a god
and when life on earth
becomes a living h-ll
we’re back here yet again
looking for a welfare never found
deluded once again
open-eyed but blind
fully drenched in acid bath
unable to complete the path
distorted by the thirst of dough
eroded minds but we never get enough
endless stairs to nowhere
my wilted mouth is my last lair
weakened, declining
wreaking havoc in the last
human part of me
conceived in the sin and there
is no remedy
collapsing at birth and there’s
no return
we are the wolves
we seize the night:
no slave, no lord
devoted to the unlight
we’re cruel and determined:
beware our hordes
asphyxiation erasing your mind
domination crushing your life
you’re war-infected, corroded
and alone