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noctes – demonica lyrics


moonlight strings ae dancing, a violin spectrum upon the twilight mirage
as shades in the specular surface, music surge, the ocean of night
flickering stardust in rapture, tones of midwinter drama
unwritten notes-cosmic sparks-painted within the fluid waves of dark
requiem-or an astral salute to her birth

from the sky an angel falls, in radient white luminescence
th-rny arms ebraces her, in thirsty claws ensnared
entangled by her web of pleased, enswathed-in a womb-coc–ned
emacialet-drained her blood-shivering-convulsive

the holy virgin-mary-demonica

melamorphosis-within chrysalid sleep, slumbering in dreamlands of the deep
her broken wings of innocence, now raven-feathered
from grace to black, the plague divine, her holiness succ-mb to dark

the dark within her sacred heart-redeemed, bursted through her sh-ll of purity
blood from angels tearing flesh to weep
from celestial hights pours streaming down death’s sleep
by blood reborn-ascending from the tomb-in darkly splendor
a tiara of stars pon the canopy realm-her spanles wings

and so she raise, as a dragon ebony-veiled
with ruby eyes, like embers beneath(-) her crown of sacramental spine.
baptized in blood, a hidden smile behind medusas mask
in a danse macabre, furies by her side.
her shadow, the dark horizon before my eyes, as black as night
goddes of plague and blight-demonica…

“my breath of frost to petrify, to drench thee into slumber
in dreams kept in captivity, now free to inverse the throes”.
demonica-like poetry-thy voice within my slumber
erotica and endless dreams, like plague to pierce my heart
the maidens web, as a deadly sheet
i lay my head upon her knees-to sleep
in dreams like beams of moonlight streams-her voice infest my rest

a flicker past the eyelid-sheet. of dreams of veiled reality?
my naked eyes deceived, my mind remains asleep
deep within my universe, chimeras are sniffing their shadows
dancing raptures of purgatory, sp-wned by the witchcraft of eve.