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notoriousflowsa – birdsweare(prod. madbeats) lyrics


verse one

popped up on the tele the next morning hit the airwaves

now they trynna ride me cause they see its going my way

hol up back up off me

i need me some room your hate is crowding out my airsp-ce

sick and tired of fighting with the woman that i live with

like maa

why you wanna fight

i just wanna eat some breakfast start my morning right

i came into the picture say you wish there was no me

well im sorry that im here and im sorry im a fiend

i’ll be out your life i promise let me find my feet

dont you wish that you were me cause it is harder than it seems

all this lack of love will have you splitting splitting at the seams

like who you wanna be

dream about and plot on how to win a bet

then i move on to the grammies pray that jesus help me be

ready for the challenge man this life is but a dream

plenty sauce up in my verses hallelujah thats a win

man i do this for my homies hope that they wake up and see

man i do this for my momma i hope that she wake up and see

but its ohkay i can whatever god just threw my way


hope i find a way i ain’t ever giving up

hope i find my way i stay focused building up

hope i find my way wonder if i give enough?

give it all i am wonder if it is enough

verse two

drops are nasty like the day i met your girl

if he coming at me taking shots i put em in a he-rs-

oh me oh my no i do not go to church

but i know that g.o.d he got me for better or for worse

couple things are heavy on my mind i hope i make it work

gotta do it for the ones that made me feel like i was nothing

now w-ss happening

i ain’t even made yet im celebrating

when theres demons trynna get you everyday a celebration

trynna down trynna see me six feet under i won’t let em

bet the flow is heavy on my lungs and yes i need breather

puff puff puff

get it back and keep it running

with my dawgs i gotta get it

watch me catch a different wave while they trynna catch up

dropped an e.p couple homies saying that im next up

hol up homie i ain’t ready for that pressure why we rushing

lil lady you ain’t serious but i’ll keep it real with you and watch you ruin what we building

gotta get me sounding perfect i ain’t ever rushing nothing

hope you get it