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nrth – warfare lyrics


[intro: reaper]
yeah that’s the craziest part, it’s like.. we’re more often than not the ones who were outcasted by the social standards. we’re more often than not the ones who are awakened by seeing past the bullsh+t cause we weren’t crowded by it like the rest of ’em, which i’m glad for. i guess whatever genetic code and.. uh.. patent to my frequency, all our frеquencies that led us to this sh+t. i’m glad it did. f+ck thе rest, i’d rather be wide awake and ready for war than blinded like a f+cking sheep with my hands tied like the rest of these n+ggas..

[verse: nrth]
easily k!lling that sh+t from the top
she want a young n+gga
cause i’m what you not
i can’t f+ck with you b+tches
i’m all about riches
i’m ’bout to go drop
and then get me some guap
tell my young n+ggas
i’m back on my sh+t
need a ferrari with all of the tint
told her what’s up
and she knew what it is
and i’m totally honest
can’t f+ck with the kid
and i’m finna get rich
like i’m gucci and wiz
better stop playing
and handle yo sh+t
hot like the temperature
this is my finisher
all about money
can’t f+ck with no internet
jump in that p+ssy
then ima go drill in it
all on my phone
and she tell me i’m k!lling it
n+ggas gon’ see it
and say that it’s fake
f+ck what you saying
i’m all about cake

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