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​nxrthstar – beef lyrics


memories flashing by
is it still day dreamin’ if it’s 3am?
is it still worth thinkin’ if it’s way too late?
nothin’ on my plate but i say that i’m busy just so i can escape
to my own lil’ world that i fill with distractions
empty promises and overreactions
i think i’m losing my passion, one+hundred plays a week i’m really losin’ my traction
the sun a lil’ dimmer when you live in the past tense (live in the past, live in the past)
when mom would make me dinner and i wouldn’t feel guilty
eat the whole meal and it wouldn’t even fill me
the man in the mirror didn’t say he wanna k!ll me
yeah, too much of a handful, so you never made that scr+pbook
fеll asleep in class i started cheatin’ off that math book
yeah, opеn up that cardboard box, i love to play with matches
this place don’t feel like home anymore but i sleep on the same mattress
haven’t felt safe since i left
i don’t feel the same when i’m here
all of this smoke took my breath away, i hated my face for a year
you asked my how she’s doin’, we don’t talk no more
i cut everybody off in ’22
i made a song about her like two months ago and i listened to that sh+t on loop
make a new life for myself that i put in my lyrics, it’s better than tellin’ the truth
i know my sober thoughts clearer but i learned to fear ’em
need way more than that ninety proof
writin’ these songs, instead of rightin’ my wrongs
pack all my pain in two puffs out the bong
hand on my face like the cover of blonde
i hate this place think it’s time to move on

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