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odd future wolf gang kill them all – 50 lyrics


(performed by mellowhype)

[verse 1: hodgy beats]
i’m a lotta narcotics, flow aquatic atomic
the way i rhyme in islamic promises, ignorance is common sense
straining my bowels, f-cking hungry hippopotamus
you n-gg-s are in the bottom pit, of nauseousness
is what i was raised around as a child
i’d rather chuck up my middle finger than give a b-tch a smile
hostility fertile like my mule and 40 acres
in my stacy adam gators, where’s that mothaf-ckin’ stapler?

uh, you hear that sh-t?
ay, run that sh-t back
yeah, that sh-t hot, n-gg-

[verse 2:]
hostility fertile like my mule and 40 acres
in my stacy adam gators, where’s that mothaf-ckin’ stapler?
good grades on the wall, n-gg-s hate to see me do it major
i’m just a leader of my team and i ain’t afraid of traitors
lacing my shoes, we the mellowhype jews
we controlling the crews, drinking belgium booze
we animals out the zoos, with a fuse abused
b-tches brewing in our stews, on they knees like the pews

sock a buster in his jaw
f-ck the police, break the law
twist your fingers up, grip your b-lls
if you ain’t got heart you ain’t got sh-t at all

where your homies at? they’ll get f-cked up too
where your grandma at? she’ll get f-cked up too
where your b-tch at? she’ll get f-cked up too
where the roof at? we’ll stomp that b-tch through

here we go negero, i’ll sing figueroa, figueroa
chucking up [?] burning bodies in a [?]

[verse 3:]
aww, mothaf-cka wanna see you shine and i got my gold on
clancy said i’m late for my flight, well he better hold on
can’t wait ’til i f-ckin’ buy me a jet, there gon’ be some hoes on it
just blow o’s on it, count dough on it
smoking in the sky, damage the ozone, don’t it?
sh-t, i’ll take a life for my moment’s moment
contract your own sale, f-ck a deal, you’re in a option
turn the b-ss up, get mothaf-ckas to go sh-t
rappers nowadays are all phased when it comes to soft shove
if n-gg-s saying your flow weak, you shoulda bought one
you call this brand new, to me it’s santa cruz
don’t find hb the man to lose, you ain’t a bruise
catch me on mtv or your local channel news
in london recording to fuse, i’m the man that confused
i’m f-cking crazy, need slavery to be alien gravy
but i ain’t saying it to your mothaf-ckin’ brain, skull