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odd future wolf gang kill them all – drop lyrics



[intro: earl sweatshirt]
i know everyone has their own f-cking version of this
but no one did it justice, so here we go, uh

[verse 1]
tell your b-tch to stop complainin’ ’bout her achey t-ts
her body is a temple, i don’t give a f-ck, i’m atheist
make me stop, make me b-tch, she mad because i taped the sh-t
and sent the tape to ace and taco, helps ’em f-ckin’ ‘bate to it
master, master, pretty b-tch bash a black and white b-tch
mixed like she moo and chew gr-ss or somethin’
i like the sh-t, i guess i kinda like my b-tch
if she wasn’t a dyk- motorcyclist with tyson lisp
wolf gang on that drive without a license sh-t
on that take shake and meka necks and f-ckin’ slice them sh-ts
oh how nice, now you wanna say you like the sh-t
because you bruised up, your neck sliced, and i ain’t icin’ sh-t
show me a rapper my age that say he nice as this
and i’ll show you a f-ggot that says he hate barbara streisand flicks
huh, me and berman swervin’ in the jeep
but i’m a nice guy in person, but a pervert in the sheets
and i’m magic with the words, murder merlin over beats
make the compet-tion kiss the f-ckin’ curb and then they weep

and then they drop, ha-ha
drop, b-tch, drop, drop, drop (drop, b-tch)

[verse 2]
yo, the lambs get silenced and the fans get violent
droppin’ live grimey like the hands of odd toddlers
f-ckin’ awesome -rs-nal of wolves in the pack i travel in
the battle ram, rammin’ ’em, rats get to tattlin’
lynn swingin’ axes at you antonyms of savages
and prayin’ that it damages, your hobby’s what my p-ssion is
f-ck that f-ggot sh-t, my n-gg-s on that savage sh-t
f-ckin’ the game and shovin’ daggers through the -ss of it
movin’ on to a jessica, plannin’ to make a mess of her
after a couple drinks and a session of -n-l s-x with her
like hey there intestines, my c-ck is erect next to ya
we the sh-t, like what you make, them n-gg-s still ain’t fresh as us

eat a d-ck, b-tch!