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odd future wolf gang kill them all – intro lyrics



ha ha ha ha!
welcome, every-f-cking-body
to the odd future, “radical” {you f-ckin b-tch!}
starving, tyler the creator, hodgy beats
left brain, earl sweatshirt, domo genesis
mike g, and lastly, j-pser the f-cking dolphin
{that’s right b-tch} odd future everybody
we want to welcome all the dudearamas and all the b-st-rds
and everyone else for coming out tonight
this is going to be a great experience
and we want y’all motherf-ckers to buy popcorn
{jack-ss this effin sucks} so please, enjoy this motherf-ckin show
{sh-t!} if you have children with a motherf-ckin heart condition
please take them motherf-ckers home
cause it is a lot of cursing and don’t give-a-f-ckness goin on
now – for all my odd future crew out there that’s uh backstage
i just uh, i just wanna know who’s gonna start this show