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oddjobs – shore lyrics


running out of time so i’m running out the city
better check your mind while you’re polishing your pennies
a nickel bag of funk of a twenty sack of thought
rolling through the reverence piping like a scotch
taste the tainted evidence smells like a cop
where’s my thesaurus? p-wned at the shop
asian in the attic living at my mom’s
this is dedicated to dishwater palms
people pump your fist till we beat the clouds
a bullets like a train freedom bound
612 got the juice
718 bled the blues
who are you? i’m a sucker for love
left a tomgirl so she could play in the mud
we all been there well i’m about to take it further
a place where the price of k!lling is murder
this melody brings back memories
mac and cheese to a wannabe g
post-p-b-rty posting at the bus stop
drained battery head phones full of headshots
old enough for jail and to drink like a whale
there a fire in the forest and i’ve got an empty pail
run to the sh0r- and fetch some water
there’s a ocean out there to calm the slaughter

the tide keeps pushing me pushing me back to sh0r-
while i’m just trying trying to reach the ocean

[crescent moon]
i try to cover new ground with each sound
emerged from down below the earth’s surface unfound
one round of old e two rounds of mudslides
got me thinkin’ i can sting and float like a b-tterfly
others try to take but i thought other wise
i had to take ’em to another side of basic
let’s take it baby step by the baby step
by the shady rep to amount to not much or maybe less
been wookin’ pa nub on all da wong sp-ceships
can’t turn around your life until you face it
i once had a friendship a bracelet replaced it
somehow he faded into the faces
finally we made it a place that we can call home
somebody raped it i can smell the hatred on this microphone
write your poems stop trying to diss rhymes
list nine reasons why i shouldn’t get mine
but yo, i’ll just be patient wait until the laughter cease
then y’all can sit back and start laughin’ at my next masterpiece
after these messages i won’t return
for every one that learns there’s twelve that ain’t concerned
sticks and stones and microphones have been known to hurt your ego
and i’ve been known to open new doors
while you stand there looking through the peephole

the tide keeps pushing me pushing me back to sh0r-
while i’m just trying trying to reach the ocean

[nomi and crescent moon]
hey boy it’s time to take a stand
hey girl you still lookin’ for that man?
it’s like the reaper stole ya purpose before ya life
as deeper in the pocket ya search for the dice
we pollinate the microphone extract the nectar
been known to stand alone as the rose in the desert
all i’ll ever have is what my mama gave me
and that’s all i’ll ever need, plus the keys to your mercedes
i never told a lie
that’s cuz i never asked you why
your soul’s in a hole
it must’ve fell from the sky
i heard the pen is mightier than the sword
so everybody grab a ballpoint and win a war
please lock us up and then throw away the words
they shot us up with money drugs and slurs
slurs drugs money with us up shot they
just in case you interpret the wrong way
i’m strange cuz that’s me i’m strange outta principle
think it’s strange you’re afraid to be an individual
people say i’m cynical maybe i’d be smilin’
if the waves wouldn’t keep pushing me to this island