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oduor owuor – cures in eulogy? lyrics


cures in eulogy? for omondi ochuka
sometimes i find myself thinking about what the world must look like through your eyes. from the first day we met after long 20 years, you outside the country for treatment
i remember that fine evening we met at nak-matt mega. it was one of those moments that will never fade in my mind. that night we didn’t sleep; we recorded eighteen songs for our first tape together: meeting the eclipse
we were p-ssionate; we wanted to be heard, to be seen, to be understood. we never knew how important our music would become
for sure, our dreams were big, but i don’t think any of us had any idea how far things would go
i was a young producer with alot of dreams to conquer the world. i was still naïve to hip-hop and writing. i was working with mike wudz at that time. remember wudz’s street c-cktail ep?
and all together, we were pushing; trying to move our culture forward. we were trying to make the best materials, try to place eldoret on the map
i remember one time being in the studio with you and watching you overcoming the stomach pains brought by cancer. i swear that got me twisted and still you could nail beats with energy, yet in such a situation
mike wudz was sleeping on the floor meditating and i was busy mixing the record, i remember you telling me if we’re tired you can help us do the chorus and you got up, went to the booth and recited a rhyme. i tried making it work with alot of effects before wudz stood up and yelled
“bro, that piece is dope, i love it!”
that was the most remarkable artistic expression i have ever heard
now, all these years later, we have found our way in; working on another album but this time is you solo. you gave me the ideas and i started building the tracks. when we recorded duog itera bayo, i felt like you were ready for this task of art in front of you
after hembyko hiko, your pen has become a storybook of my life: every piece you write, every expression, speaks to me directly
you inspired my shift in story-telling, narrative, brutal truths and rhymes. i’m now comfortable with my materials
we spent years talking of cures in eulogy?—we planned how the album should be recorded and how it should sound. mike wudz wanted it to be something personal and cl-ssic—more mature than all of your albums. i felt what he was trying to say because this was an album from your own struggle with cancer and you should speak freely and honestly
and then you came through!
first track was msalaba that we recorded in the morning. your rhymes resonated with what i was thinking. your lyrics were real-situation reporting rather than being sad about the story you were trying to tell; instead the lyrics made me feel good and free; remembering how you’ve overcome all the obstacles in front of you
later in the afternoon, when we were about to record black dahlia you received a call that tanya just p-ssed away. the news affected you enormously; i remember you telling me
“bro, tukiwa jeff koinange show tanya alikuwa poa and strong.”
recording was postponed due to circ-mstances
anyway, you remember audacity? beat made by mike wudz? that’s where i learned ultimate example of what can happen when aspiration meets audacity. you made me see and feel the other side of ochuka’s pen: you possessed g*nius thoughts that paint a picture so vivid
everywhere in the world people want to rise from the struggle, and your example proves this is possible
with an album like cures in eulogy? a lot of souls are and will be inspired and motivated. i’m glad i’ve been a fire in your cookings. to me you are the greatest. i hope when you are on these machines you’re proud of how far we’ve come
breathe for us
i know you would want us to keep pushing for more. so we will. we will continue to aspire, inspire, and strive for greatness. so as i finish, i quote your exact words you wrote for me after cures:
“thanks to mc spook for always believing in me.”