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officialjmg – devastation lyrics


[instrumental intro]

[verse 1: jmg]
i can’t take this motion
drifting in your ocean
your crystal lake

ran out of sympathy for the
way that you move
way that you do, what you do

[chorus: riley george]

[verse 2: jmg]
when i think of you
i think of all my faults
all the back in forths
that you conceive and all

of the negativity
you spew because
i cannot forget these memories
we must

carry a torch we
lit, from the start

[chorus: riley george]

[instrumental break]

[verse 3: billiam]

(beat pause)

[verse 4: jmg]
how could i forget what you said
if you meant it
how could we forget these
little things you mention

i can’t even comprehend
no recollections
wait, now i’m dozing off
at every sentence

are you acting like a b-tch?
be independent
matter of fact don’t forget
your recompenses

i need all that time i wasted
back in a second
now i need a therapist
for all my venting

it’s funny that you’re selfish
funny you are melting
every time i speak of
where my time has went and

you the one who has it
i need that sh-t bagged and packed
and gifted back
ok well i’ll relax but

now i’m singing ballads
you think it’s a challenge
let me spell it out
let me get my jacket

i’m chilling like james dean
ok, maybe half it
how could you be flexing
if you do not have it? (ugh)