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officialjmg – expectation lyrics


[verse 1]
how many times
do i have to f-cking hold up?
how many times can i not
just f-cking open up

they tell me step
like i, just never rose up
whenever i had my mouth open
they tell me close up

y’all motherf-ckers want
so much attention
it’s not fair i can’t even
get a f-cking mention

my d-mn feelings
ain’t tryna seal em
cuz it’s not like spotlight
shines on real-ness

and if i get real
and show real -ss feelings
i’m scared they gonna take it
and not actually feel it

so when they say bland
answers i know they don’t actually mean it, and when they mean it they be
screaming like it “how does this has meaning?”

man f-ck all that pealing
imma stay who i am
and not shed my skin for a
b-tch in their plans

and they planning to hear
and try to figure me out
when they should be listening
and try to consider me now

and try to consider what the f-ck i’m saying, i hope you praying on my downfall
cuz it’s gon’ take a prayer
to knock me motherf-cking down, lord
(praying on my downfall)

and when i get past set backs
to try and stop me
imma come out, but that won’t mean
i won’t have scars please

just understand where i’m coming
(the person you are trying to reach has a voice message-)

[instrumental break: l.a.d sample]
“if we’ve fallen off we need to reconnect, simple as that. i give second chances and stuff, i’m just that easy of a person i guess…. so yeah, i’m sorry for ending off that last part really cringey i guess- ah whatever”

[verse 2]
i got so many people rooting
for me
tryna see if i will work
yeah i bask in glory

and yeah i get down
with my family and supporters
and yeah i got haters
i love those even more tho

they make fun of my voice
they make fun of my walk
they make fun of my choice
they make fun of my talk

and there’s that one guy
who don’t even talk to my face
i can’t wait to catch him lacking
and then catch a case

cuz i’m a brand new person
in my own lane
this a different game
they don’t know that i’m insane

and when this sh-t drop
will they look at my different
say “who the f-ck is this
this dude isn’t jakob”

“we need the jakob
you can’t hear him scream
we need the jakob
the one that was always routine“

“in what jakob do
the jakob that’s spitting truth
not the jakob that tells sh-t
we don’t want him to”

or do they love this sh-t
“this exactly what we waiting for”
or maybe they hate this sh-t
smack my face with the door

as they leave
just to never f-cking return
“he not good, he let us down”
and the sh-t will hurt

but i need to hear it
i need to hear the cheering
or i just need to hear the truth
just so i know who you believe in

i need to know
i need to understand
i’m following a dream
i’m my own f-cking man

[instrumental break]

(beat pitches down)

i f-cking hate myself
i just wanna change myself
i wish i could save myself