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officialjmg – wfo lyrics


[verse 1: jmg]
i feel a little offended, my day 1s are turning into
every other day bruh
pick a side, who do you reside to?
feel this sub coming your way bruh

i do not really know who the f-ck’s speaking
my weakness is trust, it’s a bust
cigarette b-tts, hitting the ground all at once
y’all got way too much l-st

why do y’all put up with sl-ts?
i am fresh out while a lot of y’all rust
man i’m just saying, man do what you must
talk to me backwards and you gon get hushed

wfo, my life a mess though
sometimes i don’t give a f-ck
i’m going straight for the k!ll
when everyone swings
y’all just gonna duck (d-mn)

i’m feeling villainous
vintage and ready for business
sickening b-tches
be talking sh-t

behind my back and it’s
f-cking ridiculous
yeah i said it, it is
f-cking ridiculous

i had to cut people off
over stupid sh-t, truthfully
i feel like
y’all should get used to me

y’all negative like the
news to me
that’s why i had to go ruthless
on motherf-cking ruthless beats

[bridge: jmg]
talk down on my name
and get mowed (down)
wide open
i won’t close (now)

wfo, wfo, f-ck

[verse 2: rye bread]
(rye bread) (yeah)

i’m wide open
i’m wide f-cking open
baby i’m hoping

i hear the speaker
the grim f-cking reaper
and you know it
i’m wide f-cking open

wide f-cking open
i’m wide open
baby i know it
baby i-