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og dingdong – immortall lyrics


[lyrics «immortall»]

she’s quite a b+tch

[verse 1]
violences, provinces
silence, thirst, and silent tears
time to stop this, i’m gonna mess this up
make more drivers, listen i’m [?]
call me a chartist, i’m an [?]
put the song on a harness, call it harvest
cause it’s broken, full of darkness

let me bleed, flip my seat, smoke some weed and do the deed
hold me, cut the world, strap them, hold me strapped now
pull out the lock now, show up, flip out
roll it, p++p out, boom, sh+t was a round
heard my wrist out, time to go out
she could come out, always a cow

[verse 2]
rise of a villain, guide to a k!lling
kept hide, i was hidden, suicide i was driven
bride, i was chilling, ride, i’m committed
dreamed, i’m fitted, shopped, i’m kidding
stop the silence, everyone’s frightening
i’m in flight, jerk off with my right hand
sent to h+ll, i was guided, landed in thailand
what’s wrong? scared? b+tch, you unpaired, fight if you dare

dirty ass underwear
i’m evolving, i’m evolving, problem+solving
you were pulsing, you were bolting, literally bullet, got me pulsing
i’m beholding, you’re unfolding, just withholding
hold on, let it go with order

toxins rushing, s+m+n flushing
stitches gushing, b+tches blushing
time to die, rush of flight
out of sight, it’s midnight
bl++dy fight, don’t do what’s right
hide the light, put it on a kite, lightning strike
blade pipe, brian bite, oh no it’s tight you

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