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og illa – 2am in richmond lyrics


verse 1:

its the broad street bully
melo with the hoodie
tell me whats goodie
whats good
let me rep this sh+t
we the best out here
what good
umm some questions don’t need an answer
my mom said i’m handsome
my b+tch took me for ransom
all these diamond dancing
hoe, call me tony danza
left here with ya b+tch
heard i pulled up in the phantom
said this d+ck could go platinum
if i don’t make it rapping
tell her i’m set
lights camera action
wit a spanish chick
roll an l like she rolls her rs
she taking shots like an open bar oh my god
shawty want a thug told her slide wit me
give me good love take her time with me
i was trolling for the fun of it
now i’m rolling on some stunna sh+t
this the life for us
i swear to me i love this sh+t
my squad be the covenant
f+ck trump f+ck the government
if y’all come for me yall better come with it
been on a money mission
like i dont f+ck wit rap
im tryna turn this mic into a duffle bag
got the +rs+nal now where the gunners at?
you gotta be cultured to understand the tracks
so i go raw dog like where the muzzle at
know a hundred cats that cap not discussing that