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​ohsmithhh – mob lyrics


[verse 1: ohsmithhh]
i’m with the gang, we posted outside
b+tch askin’ me for a ride, b+tch i dont care if you die
b+tch i dont care if you sign, different place, new time
i really been up on my grind, yeah we aim for his mind
hit him up on his line, hit his sh+t, i ain’t kind
cuz i’m posted with the mob, no talk when we rob
no flock when we drop, cuz we posted with the mob
cuz we posted with the mob

[verse 2: ohsmithhh]
i really had that b+tch sob, but i’m still runnin’ up checks
askin’ yo b+tch, “what is next?”
askin’ yo b+tch over text
yeah, i’m stackin’ all my f+ckin’ racks (i’m stackin’ all my f+ckin’ racks)
yeah, i’m shippin’ out all these f+ckin’ packs
d+mn, i want all of that cash
slap that b+tch right on her ass
sippin bacardi, dont ask
i’m drinkin’ like it’s my last
leave that b+tch in the past, cuz i don’t even give a sh+t
takin’ a shot, go get a hit
go the mall and drop a fit
i’m always spendin’ sh+t
yeah, i’m always gettin’ lit
[verse 3: f+cknxte]
uh, uh
feel like i’m von, the glock holdin’ 50
know that you scared, runnin’ round in yo city
swervin’ the shoulder, the lean ima mix it
shouldn’t prescribe it, know i’m still sippin’
off of that bean to feel like i’m trippin’
be talkin’ that sh+t so you know we got hit him
she said that she love me, she love how i’m winnin’
up it with smith and he uppin’ that smith and
she said she love me, i told her “i didn’t”
i just want money, it sound like a fetish
i’m poppin’ off xannies, that b+tch ain’t prescripted
they call me a menace, the way i pop meds
i go ahead and aim right for yo head
aim with that scope and i knock off yo lid
knock off yo talk, now that mothaf+cker dead

[outro: f+cknxte]
i don’t keep my mouth closed, i talk sh+t
go ahead, i might f+ck yo b+tch
and she wanna come over, come over for a lil’ bit, then you dip
ima go f+ck that lil’ b+tch, ima hide her from the crib

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