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ok gnarly – please stop it lyrics


[intro: diseased slit mane]
(finish him) the entire nation
they said “finish him”? (i’m so sorry. i+)
(i didn’t mean to). they said+
these guys. oh my. look (no! stop it!)

[verse 1: diseased slit mane]
pull up with the bladeput it to your face
oh my god. nah
i don’t care. i don’t care
pull up to your face
pull up with the blade
pull up with the ay
pull up with you. ay
pull up with the ay

[verse 2: diseased slit mane]
i just ate some chicken (oh my god. no. i don’t want. no. shut up)
pew. pew. pew. pew. pew
i just ate some chicken
shut up. shut up. shut up. i’m recording
shut up. shut up. put that away. put that away
stop. stop it. go to your room. go to your room (stop. you gotta stop, b+tch)
i’m gonna get the belt. i’m gonna get the belt, boy! (oh. i’m sorry. oh)
i’m gonna get the belt boy. go back to your room!
you can’t see your mom doing this
hey, son. hey, son
you don’t know what position i’m in. right?
[outro: diseased slit mane]
pew. pew. look
okay. so, i pull up on a kid
didn’t i say that the last song? b+tch!
okay. like the blade to yo face