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oka – you make me cry lyrics



boy, explain to me
where have u been?
where were u last nite?
see i was up all nite


things don�t seem right
please tell me why
need i say good bye?
u make me cry

verse 1:

it�s not that im not trying to explain the situation
but deffinition of a loyalty is me
last nite approx 10 o�clock
my boy rade asked me to meet him at the club, so
let�s forget about ur instinct
cuz everybody knows and see this wedding ring
i never change, u know i don�t fling (u know better)
so forget about the party, the bullsh-t, the bling-bling
think about the future, this is nothing, there�s more
so, let�s make a little something
we connect, check the zodiak
when it comes to s-x girl, u like a maniac
i like it when u say my name
u my top choice not the game, forget the pain
look it me, close range
even if u fat i ain�t got to explain

back to chorus

verse 2:

so wut�s nexx? explain to me wut u wanna do, break up?
this cant be real i gotta wake up
my mom loves u allready, since we 1st steady
many, many men wish they can have u, but they poof
as the earth rotates, only i that stays by ur side
some say time kills, but u know i still luv u i still need u baby


cant u see? u don�t treat me like u use to be
baby just let me be cant u see?, u don�t treat me like u use to be
baby just let me be can�t u see?


u�ve hurt me boy
see u cant bring me joy
and i just cant go on
so leave me alone

verse 3:

baby chill, don�t get it twisted
i still luv u like i luv chocolate (remember that?)
stop talking like u smell sh-t
cuz i don�t even talk to any of they groupie chick
tequila pitch? i don�t touch
trust me and don�t judge, eyes shut, hands clutch
don�t say bye bye bye
promise i would never make u cry cry cry
even though time flies life goes on
truthfully, without u i cant move on
i can tell it�s u girl that i belong
so please understand baby im not strong
life stinks, i don�t have anything
i only have u girl, u my everything
i cant rap, i cant sing but let me tell u 1 more thing
1 last thing i didn�t fling girl


to forgive is a beautiful thing
control ur emotion, it doesn�t have a brain
to forgive is a beautiful thing
yeah i know u still feel the pain