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okaeiknoe – no hugs lyrics


my mom went in my room and took my glock from all the shootings that i got but thats okay i only had it for a tools against the opps the mic the weapon that i got but it had broke with the laptop she threw my gun away while walking to the store that’s on the block but it is all okay just overcome and run it up on top and i just wanna say i’m focused and too blessed to ever drop i gotta focused on my bread and pull a foreign off the lott when it get hard i gotta brush it off and keep it all in lock i’m tryna go to every city doing shows and doing alott so many girlies in the london city time is what i got i got potential to be better than these n+ggas eva when they stop ask the world to give me sp+ce i’ll give it back i’ll stay on top the only option that i got when okaeiknoe start to rock i’m solo dolo in this world my self is really all i got but it’s okay i’ll stay uplifted when this world is like a opp can’t relate to public but i know the industry i’ll rock cause i’m to different from you n+ggas on this earth that says alott plus i’m dominant my nuts be hanging y’all wear stocking socks or got secrets in the industry but they know my nuts gone drop just look at the f1acts from all the history i stayed on top with these girlies on my d+ck because the energy they got yea i’m gonna be a millionaire a winner yea forgot let her do her thing for months and never call her i don’t jock say wassup yea when i see her but the vibe should briefly stop enjoy your sp+ce enjoy your freedom for me you don’t have to stop how you was living way before i even showed up on the block i don’t like me causing stress to anyone cause that’s a lott so i just fallback your freedom i would never try to stop tryna get to london get the list and run it up a lott hit the clubs out their in switzerland and duffels when i shop 20 for a show i’ll buy a boat or go and buy a yacht get that vvs i’m busting down this bracelet that i got gotta make it happen im gotta stay inlisted never drop okaeiknoe you won’t drop okaeiknoe you won’t drop in the hills i gotta get the bills but it’s no millie rock champagne bottles pop see the water in the watch matter fact i’m putting every colour soda in the watch hold the cup out when the diamond splash the club should get a mop tokyo i’m tryna be there with the sushi and the guap cause i’m making every sentence but i never put the dot like the cold not the hot cold cash in the drop go fast in the drop go pass what it got
tryna get that mansion with the double doors go take a knock fresh and never made to rott get abundance when it stops keep it motivated okaeiknoe blessing what you got you gotta overcome and make thru the fire that will drop you gotta go and get it okaeiknoe you can bless a lott it’s okaeiknoe never drop it’s okaeiknoe never drop