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olivia giocondo – better letters lyrics


it’s the first day of class
some guy catches my eye as we pass
i watch as you walk away
and suddenly i’m watching everyday

i fall in love with your looks
and i quickly notice all of your books
charming and smart
i want to be in your life, even if it’s a small part

second day of class
we both have the same class
your friends stand by me
this is my key

i just want to know you better
i just want to write you letters
but i want to know everything about you
and since you stand near me, i get to

i get to know you
charming and kind, too
now it’s not just the outside of you i love
it’s your personality i also love

few weeks after
i hеar your laughter
with another girl
and i watch you give hеr a twirl
and then i knew
i’d have to wait for you
now i have a while
to see and understand your lovely smile
i just want to know you better
so i can write you letters

here we are now
late may, you walk in with a frown
she has left you
and it’s making you blue
i hate to say i’m happy
because it hurts to see you so unhappy
so i wait a while

now i have more time
to see a smile reappear, one that’s so fine
i just want to know you better
so i can write you letters

now it’s in the middle of june
i think to myself that it’ll be fine
and i tell you how i feel
your response makes me wonder if this is real

i tell you i got to use this time
to learn about your smile
and how i know you better
and how i can write you letters
i’m starstruck, lost in the moment
it’s time for a commitment
it feels like i’ve waited forever
but now we’re finally together

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