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olly jay [gb] – siege lyrics


imma go hard, or still nail me to hen
i’ll see ash when he comes out at pen
my hair’s done f+cked like i just popped xan
i know you’re listening, and prepared to laugh
aren’t you both in tears? sh+t man, it’s always gone waterworks
tried to see henry but it wasn’t for a few words
instead of coming to my yard he sat there in tears
actually, so you know it’s for you?
imma name this one siege – cause it’s your favourite game
oh well, that’s a shame
you can’t play it without thinking about me
but you said you’d knock me out in one punch
i said go on, come to my yard
waited for an hour, he didn’t show
it that just goes to show
olly jay is scary, your mum’s clapped like bl++dy mary
the way i’m balling you up gonna feel like jesse from breaking bad
henry shaw you are not safe
part two coming soon and it won’t be late