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o'mighty zeus - da otha paralleled universe lyrics


yo, as i sit here just to listen and wonder
how these n+ggas dissin’ the thunder?
they need rain to grow a purposed recover
they got my name in they mouth
the next day, i’m they brother
you in a wig and a blouse, sayin’ you’ll k!ll my mother
keep your beauty supplies right by you
only time you’s a thug is in bayous
when n0body is even around you
that’s how these clowns do, sitting by a fondue
eatin’ that sugary sh+t, as their fountain of youth
i don’t gotta rap to you lost cause dogs, that bark hard
put my middle finger up ya chick’s cl+t, to help you f+ck off
you dumb soft
gun shooting? spewing out gun talk?
i don’t understand the path you walk, nor run off
you f+cks will run off, drip like a nasal fluid
couldn’t pay me to shoot
these daisy n+ggas that’s hate+influenced
couldn’t stay in your hood cause the crazy shootings
haze and pollution
n+ggas die in their plain accoutrements
and their off+brand clothing
yes, i’ve sparked that notion
they singin’ all these songs about their hearts getting broken when they f+cking with
all of those broads that’s across the ocean
you make no sense
you must be lost in the opus, with a lost focus
they changing often like a solstice
pardon the overflowing of the god+like n0bleness
f+ck y’all, don’t offer my condolences
in part, i will blaze y’all, before y’all start notice it
go in
infamous zeus, n+gga
let me tell y’all something

yo, let me tell your ass a f+ckin’ story
fat b+tch, fast food junkie
had the nerve to call me f+ckin’ ugly
try to play in my f+ckin’ face
man, we ran up in the place
took everything, insane in the base
high as f+ck off this weed, somebody done laced
but i only hit it twice
’cause i only want the taste of the madness
cyclone, losing eyesight
transformin’ in the magnus
i think i’m blackin’ out
jeffrey dahmer, dragged her ass to the f+ckin’ kitchen
turn the sink on and drown her ass for ten minutes
b+tch, good riddance
man, we walked up outta there and left her ass unfinished
she lucky that she living
bra around her neck, wrapped up, merry christmas
where the lights at and where the stash at?
f+ck that, pass that
don’t know what the f+ck the weed was laced with
hold on, grab the lighter
b+tch, you better motherf+ckin’ face this
and hurry your ass up, b+tch
you know i’m losin’ patience
made her take five hits
lookin’ like she got a brand new facelift
couldn’t even describe it
left her in the f+ckin’ corner crying
man, we got up outta there
disappear like michael myers
yeah, n+gga
yeah, n+gga
infamous zeus
the r.o.n, n+ggas couldn’t match the pen
f+ck is y’all talkin’ ’bout?

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