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omondi ochuka – meeting the eclipse lyrics


meeting the eclipse

[intro: ochuka]

three trinities
along the axis
they say the pen holds further than eternities
body is the cast
shadows! liquid souls stained on the ink
the sun meets the father shadows
divine intervention

[verse 1: ochuka]

adopted vagaries, the cities are ruined by the pebble
prodigal past return the sun to its molten cradle
genesis half mast in ashes of reincarnation
quarry and graves, the distant fields turned pyramids after cultivation
and as particles of time fall off their flowery versions illegal dietary on broken clefts discover new horizons
crown of thorns the body is destined to wither
repress the right to be left when the eclipse blisters
healthy underground
the soul is hidden in the mind as a winter
games of throne
and crimes named after the wedlock
who records the knives stubbing the last laughter?
savage grim meet together at the lips of the hemisphere excavated animal prints from the love tunnels
the bloodiest archives are written on the walls of the brothel they say walls are dig-able dirt
but where’s the decay when push comes to shovel?
bury the fertilized intimacy deep in the throats
so when the sun sanitizes her eternal ferments
the wolves rejoice to see the moon repackage
throw this pen to the hollows i hope it vomits germinated eclipse from dry bones of sorrow

this is the angels to study
long after the heavens become extinct
times are remarrying gentile spouses in esoteric makeshift
postmortem holograms surrounded by hypothetical medicines syringes filled with extraterrestrial proxy vaccines
at the balcony of higher profiles you can smell gravity
oscillating with outlawed shadows, what’s the meaning?
given one loaf of a tongue and serrated thoughts
can you find where he separated the wheat from the chaff? the elements of life bottled characters inside a plot
the universe is high on cosmic ailments of the heart
calculate the virus load and redefine the definition of pure per centers
capital is exchanging dirty hands
regimented inside
protestant ethics in a rich man’s world
append the value of minimum life
when they explore opportunity cost of black blood i hear ancient corridors survived on the neck of ancient souls satellite empires, the oversight dark forces
meet the eclipse knowing you cannot silence the pen
they want me to spit basic poetry license
when we are signed to labor symbols of slavery
corporate math and religious science i am treason defined by values and not the mental rent

[verse 2: mc spook]

angels cry
demons multiply
tukizidiku-digest demon’s spy
skiza closely as revelations unfold
lost souls zenye zili-evade jesus ziko kwa crossroads
i am ten commandments against law of science
blood yangu ndio ina-cleanse planet core
kidi mar luo
a precious ore
the righteous path of repentance
sacrament of menace
hii ni mene mene tekel ya wicked babylon
i’m the break of dawn
my iris bleeds leviathan ali-transform akachukua human form the illest cat i know is my own genetic clown
time keeper
niambie ni lini end itafika kwa hii thitter
na-dance kwa songs sung by plants
mme-bleach brain beauty sitaki second glance
tumesahau holy sabbath
impregnate nuns to achieve holy rebirth

[outro: mc spook]

yo we keep living a wrong fiction verse real
we exchange sweet soliloquies with angels as we meet the eclipse
ochuka mc spook
we leave this world
tume-meet the eclipse
let’s leave this world tuishi kwa mars na hizi ma-bars