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opera ix – act iv: congressus cum daemone lyrics


the sacred fire burns in the
stone circle
in the centre of the all i’m
waiting for the guardian
powerful thunders rumble in the air
and lightnings herald the storm
darkness turns into light and
light grows into darkness
while the salamanders are
continuing to dance in the heart of fire
the moon stops growing
she stretches the fronds shades
as spectral witnesses
and eurus, the east wind, gives them life

6 are the towers, 4 are the
revealed seals
and now i am waiting for the
next one

thunder is rumbling again
like the dragon’s awakening from
the deep abyss
i honour the dark simulacrum of
the depth’s gates
that is silently waiting for the
event’s completion
i desert the realm of chaos and
i liberate over the infernal rivers
i follow the way of the red snake
ancestral flight
…into the depth
i will celebrate the umpteenth p-ssage ritual
a new baptism in a sp-ce without time
tisipnon, fury of the occult
power, is waiting for me
to deliver me the black book of
the supreme knowledge

i cross the hidden paths of
shaytan to violate the ayernus gates
that raise from the deep abyss
up to the horrid vault
3 are the bronze doors and 3 of
iron and 3 of diamonds
they are wrapped up by an
eternal fire
that makes all red-hot but
nothing destroys
at the sides of the awful
p-ssage 2 guardians are waiting for me

(first guardian:)
“be aware of your virtue, oh
animal, and the abyss
with its spectres will be overcome
rejoyce as a new spirit and the
barking of the
infernal beasts will become
silvery chant
beyond these portals you can
join the perfect lightof the
sp-ce without time”

“i am angelikos phosphoros,
lucifer, morning star”

(second guardian:)
“welcome spiritual warrior who,
conscious and daring, utters the
secret name
before the black diamond gates
welcome ensign of light
this pathway knows the steps,
dreads and triumphs of your
welcome insane hero, the only
one who has descended the stairs
of d-mnation
you, blazing sun, dare-devil who
faces the hades to win yourself”

“i greet and thank you, obscure
guardians, who allow my p-ssage
without rending my flesh. i,
brave rambling being, go and
reveal the fifth seal”