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orange – label lyrics



what a shame i could fall into your arms
what a shame i could fall for you
when i was younger i didn’t know, oh oh
but i’m gettin’ older, growing up to watch a stupid f+cking show
i raised myself to talk, mama raised me, too
and you should give a f+ck, wrong, like an animal zoo
mhh, i can’t help it, maybe i will spit you in the face
i guess you could stop with the trash talk
’bout their ass, ’bout their name, ’bout their shade
but you will put a label on my outfit
you will put a label on my fam
you will put a label on my side chick
a label on my man

verse 1

it’s bad, bad, and i really want you to worry
i can tell you a whole lot of stories
it starts with a random person that i don’t know
and it end’s with me at the end of the row

oh, oh you’re a man and i know it cause i see it
well i’m the onе with power so you better bеlieve it
i call you what i want, it’s not her, it’s he
boy, sorry, not sorry, this is what it’s gonna be

but everybody knows i am tolerant as f+ck
just don’t tell you’ a lady if you still have a c+ck
and don’t even think about spreading those rumors
i know you’ve changed your name, but i like your name, lucas

and i am gonna flip if you’re going to correct me
i watch a lot of p+rn and i found you, you are s+xy
my bad, oops, but you all look alike
change of subject there’s a new girl, uh she a dyk+

wow, wow, that’s so cool, wanna be my best friend?
we could run a whole lbtg plus gang
and talk about girls and the taste of their juice
you could try to explain why you wanna reproduce
that’s all fine by me, but you really want a baby?
if my folks were dyk+s i’d have wanted you to save me
i never had a father, i should know it pretty well
and the straight ones left should win a price, a n0bel

i’m a good person, i got good intentions
and maybe reconsider the idea with the extensions
come on, come on it’s not natural
it’s not natural

verse 2

jackpot, baby girl, finally a boyfriend
headshot, why not the guy from the boyband
newsflash, he a little older, he a man
freako, sounds like your father’s a veteran

let me be your therapist, oedipus complex
let me hit the box on the checklist, amex
i don’t have a problem, live and let live
you’re not a bad person, you’re just a little sick

i’m not mean, i could never make a scene
last week i met a guy lookin’ like a preteen
you should know when i say that, i’m pro everythin’
and could’ve f+cked him orally, my junk, his chin
iggy iggy yo, my flow r+t+rded
but don’t take a pic of him and me on the carpet
no, no, no, this ain’t a double standard
but i don’t want a little guy with me on the camera

honey, where you from, cause it cannot be america
we don’t have a rickshaw, wanna ride a cable car?
no, that wasn’t racist, mama raised me fine
i always think twice and i never cross the line

our kids gon’ be smart, second language
in school they get spicy hummus street food sandwich
white chicks, international, we not basic
we listen to drums not the sound of oasis

one last thing, god made two different people
the strong ones and the ones that undress for
the beatles
you’re right and i’m on board with that equality thing
but in bed i need a high quality ting

when i see one, s+xy, walking down the street
i get hungry, well, she’s a juicy piece of meat
i didn’t ask her in the common way
but i really do believe that she liked it, hooray