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orinoco – journey (intro) lyrics


i’m on a journey like altair through jerusalem
with my true friends i hope i won’t be losin’ em
dedicated since the first view of dim
light across the horizon
the same kind i lost my mind in
i thought i saw the constellations collidin’
and left out the second o when they spelt orion
h-ll melts the ice inside him
inside his mental cell the depression guides him
constantly exercisin’
the thighs and adrenaline
works like a venom when it enters in
produces the extra kick in
that helps develop him
the difference between a loser and winner
is that the winner gets the gist of work
that’s required
to build an empire
he’ll swim the roughest seas
walk through the toughest breeze
while a loser says “nah that’s not my cup of tea,”
i wasn’t raised
to stay stuck in a cage
and to ascend the highest
i must get above the heads of giants
and i may have anger issues
but i’ll never strangle my words if there’s an issue
cuz censorship isn’t true
artistic merits
cuz you think it’s hard to listen to and share it
i don’t spare the lyrical clips
and there are some that don’t need purged of this sh-t
i’m not a people person
but i’ll make you see the earth in
it’s original form
all ripped and torn
a far cry from the images poured
from the television and non original scores
some wanna b-tch and ignore
the messages i deliver
because i’m not the friendliest critter
they tremble and shiver
when my name is mentioned they hit alert
i was destined to be r-t-rded
and sent to a department
to help me bark and sh-t
so if you get offended i simply don’t posses the compartment
to pardon when i spit
i’m not your average pop charter b-tch
i’m simply a martian eclipsed
by a human population
zooming on me waitin’
to screw up and send me to a concentration
camp bodied and hated for my clan
for the dna diagram
but i strike back with a lyrical sleight of hand
i may crave love
but i have to escape such
potential stagnation with
a failed relationship
i love women
but i don’t want children
it may suck but i gotta get with it
this is the path i chose to trek on
p-ssed on from the masters come and gone
in spirit i am their padawan
i propose to battle on
leave with a bang like i’m attached to a bomb