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ot the real – funk flex freestyle lyrics


you know what it is yes sir
funk flex ot the real
north philly you already know let’s be
yeah let’s be clear we’re filling in the
building let’s go okay all right
so uh juanito who who did this be for
uh boy aunt banger shout out and bangers
on this joint man
okay let’s go we ready
yeah rp weeds free meds we had fun
flex took a minute to earn this one you
i’m glad i gotta get it you know what i
mean look
this the art of leaving human beings
ripped apart spin the block he wasn’t
my bro walked up and hit his pops like
excuse me mr pock mountain dew twist is
i was picking stocks flex on my whole
wrist is rocks
sk said don’t forget your glock you
posting picks with 80 000 homie you a
walking l!ck just stop
i said you right that’s why my glitz is
[ __ ] flipping flocks taking squares of
french vanilla
break it down and dipping dots this
surrealist how is it not
my youngin shooter followed through
he’ll run up and bang it if he missed a
like this the spot d+mn maybe homie is a
cop maybe i should fall back
maybe once i’m rich i’ll stop till then
the food could go i seen the mughals
covered messed the funeral up only a few
could go i looked into a pound of
crystal meth like what’s my future hold
you still posting pictures of paper up
that you used to blow
that you used to spam shorty say the
food’s a tan my celly had the welly
and the deuce was in i made crash
dummies out of you and all your useless
see eyes banging at the door we gotta
move again still maneuvering with the
we want your food we already eight hours
like two to ten
dude was banned he was telling us what
he should have been drugs guns
i go go with them for real i’m with the
soldiers still i sent mimosa
try and get the bricks a little low a
couple cities over oh came home from
prison tripping always flipping boulders
trying to turn 50 to 100 like i’m
getting closer i told the plug like
you know i’m going to pay you bro to
send it over and he sends it just like a
friend’s supposed to
rest in peace fred heaven chose you
before your time and a good die young
i’m glad i got to know you
cause everything changed nothing seems
real we got plenty of work
but still need drills once they on you
got to keep still
my man came home from prison greta
choppa say he meek mills
couple bucks will pop you like a zan you
stuck tripping flipping with the same
couple grand
they got a nine to five and rap about
selling yams i’m over here just folding
bread up like it’s annie anne’s
don’t get it twisted oh a family man
when 20 dudes are stomping on you that’s
the family plan
little bro put on his mask on his
jamming jam he came out holding some
trash bags and he ran
the rapping just didn’t seem real
getting work from south america with
bugs inside the sail they say you gotta
watch what you saying
they know your raps is real got it
running ass jumping like i’m coaching
track and field
you win some you lose i know exactly how
i feel i had no bread and no one follow
me when i came out of jail and people
looked at me they laughing when they
found out i was rapping
now my dm’s full of ot i knew you’d make
it happen in the middle of the action
breaking chickens and the fractions
bro got 50 to 100 life sentence on the
backing he keep calling from the jail
they must have snuck another jacket they
just found a thousand pounds from
watching numbers on the tracking
trying to get my mind right paying for
these motions and appeals down in
florida so berto gets his time right
bro you coming home that’s on god when
the time’s right my man dropped a
thousand grams
went back nine bikes no i’m supposed to
chill but i’m supposed to eat bro
in prison joking with shooters like we
lined up for free throws said how i’m
supposed to eat bro
in prison joking with shooters like we
lined up for look big face bust it down
used to take the bus to town now i
caught my own bricks me blue mac we bust
it down
once i go through something with
something it’s like i trust them now
once i go through something with summer
look hey yo it’s hard to keep a gangster
and still be there for your kids
when you fresh i’m on parole just home
from doing the bed and the cuddies keep
calling and you gotta bust these l!cks
but you can’t leave so you just end up
serving from your crib
two 215 renegade soup kitchen cartel
flippin haze
sk got different rentals for different
days all my bros is bosses just in
different ways but forget all that cool
[ __ ] just don’t fold bend or break
20 20 was horrible hope it ends fast
cause they don’t even drop the numbers
for the ten packs
you a warlord if you got more than ten
straps i ride my man’s plug i only pay
my friends back i seen the rats stumble
the dsps wouldn’t count as bundles
rainbow hair don’t help you in the
i’m the hardest in my lane got em wallow
in the pain black bought a rat
that’s a million dollars worth of game
trying to do these movies i was
hollering at slaying
free miz i watched my bro go from a
tahoe to a range
that’s how i’m repping hot nine seven
other rail funk flex bombs it’s 9 11
let’s go you know what it is ot the real
funk flex north philly
listen whoever you want me to bring up
at me at funk flex i’ll go in the
comments too i ain’t afraid of the
comments i’m in there
you know what it is let’s go