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otitis – glass jaw lyrics


[verse 1]

i’m lonely, growin’ old, soul be holding holes
roads be overflowed, stoic overtones
lookin’ for an answer they suppose that o would know
took away the cancer, then they showed the corner sto’

the golden path only flashed abyss
every fork is all bad, leadin’ back to this
man, i used to wish i p-ssed when i crashed the whip
now i’m seepin’ in the sadness to wrath within

p-ssion’s fin, dreams always laughed at him
i stab to live, rinse, keep the rations din
i flashed on him, sh-t, cuz he asked for it
fake a half a grin, bet i mastered it

when i bathe in the darkness, i’m right at home
‘cuz i stave off the hard sh-t i might have known
i’m a slave and a target to bias thrown
not a phase of me’s safe in the twilight zone

no luck, no hope, no trust, no rush to live
no f-cks, no rope to grope, or love to give
i ushered in the pain, and harbored it
i l-st to take the hate and barter it, but

i’m chillin’, thinkin’ if no laws on earth- huh
i’d k!ll a ton’a people just to clean the earth- up
if this is not it, tell me when worst was
cuz if there is a god… he plagued and he cursed us


life hit me like i got a gl-ss, jaw
life hit me like i got a gl-ss, jaw
life hit me like i got a gl-ss, jaw
pity’s somethin’ that i never asked, for

[verse 2]

sun floods the room, still i’m shrouded in dark
one substance used, one powerful art
cuz no one’s confused, when the caliber sparks
and my gun’s misused soon as the calendar starts (check)

all them broken people wanna come to me, sh-t
i’m the opposite of evil, so my run’s impeded
they took me for the feeble, now the nun’s deleted
n0body get a re-do, what you done’s achievement

congrats, you did it…
added to my list of “to be diminished,” your mystique is finished
if they showed they -ss, i guess i leaked the image
all i know from past, just increased the grimace, huh

in the mirror, see deadened eyes, i’m dead inside
never find where heaven lies, cuz heaven’s lies
never cry, instead i find, the better kind
gettin’ high, my reddened eyes, see better times

a social guy, now i’m hatin’ to socialize
so i don’t have to kick it, i’ma kick ’em all so’tsa lies
waste of time, i be hatin’ to vocalize
you talkin’ to a wall, guess ot be the poster guy

patience, gone, gracious, gone
laced with, wrong, based u,pon
all the times hopin’ pain is, gone
now you know why the face is, long


[verse 3]

i am living proof that money don’t buy happiness
this is what you do when you’re plugging your kind’s absentness
this is what you say when you’re bugging a blind pacifist
hate had gone away, now it’s comin’, guess i’m lazarus

i ain’t feelin’ adult life they hand to you
thinkin’ ’bout the past, all i wanted was crash bandicoot
i ain’t nothin’ close to the hopes that i had planned to do
once had climbed the rope, now i burn as i crash land, i’m through

i’m a creative, thinkin’ hope is lost
ain’t no way the real speakin’ with them broken jaws
we keep losin’ all our legends, now we cope with loss-
and all my favorite eras have been groped and tossed

tough to make it, still i’m livin’ the same
god ain’t blessed me with much ‘cept my d-ck and my brain
man, i try to keep it movin’ like i live on the train
everything is zoomin’ by, now they diggin’ my grave

(speak to ’em) i only smile when i’m daydreamin’
hopin’ that the perfect girl like me for the same reason
i been all alone, cold, in the same season
feelin’ if i go against the grain, i’ma stay bleedin’

i ain’t never been a dog, where the payback?
i just wanna be comfortable where i lay at
where i stay, should be sta-tion to stave at
all i pray for’s elation, and i crave that, but


what i survived might k!ll you