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otm jaayy – big boy talk (freestyle) lyrics


if it’s up there i ain’t letting it drop, who the heck told u that i won’t make it to the top, i’m the real cut throat u not, this stuff can get wicked since u n+ggas wanted the block, i feel like a dread cuz i’m locked, n+gga keep playin imma spin his block like a top, now he beefing over a thot, i got him slipping cause i knocked him out of his socks, why they think they can hold me, step back fade away i’ll do it like kobe, who said that i’m ducking problems, if i need help i can call up my shottas, i got some trophies, anything nun to tell them n+ggas that we don’t give out any options, im not with the frankers, but when i was younger i used to get happy when i get a dollar, ha, i’m at the top, we got the gas tell them roll up “ha”, he steady dissing, no internet beefing i just want a lil n+gga to show up, i ain’t friendly so i can’t be speaking to n+ggas cuz they kno that i’m finna blow up, hit my nees a way over i’m finna take over tell otm we finna toast up, i’m changing my life, he want a feature imma throw a price, ion touch designer i still mess wit nice, on my moma when i hit the store and rip don, u kno imma rep it to the mic, n+ggas be cappin they control the hype, they kno i’m from houston i’m high like a kite, can’t mess wit that girl send her on the road, u kno i mean it u kno i’m on sight, i crossed on a n+gga since he wanna cross, i’m on a new level i feel like a boss, i got my weight up, tell that haten ole boy pick his face up, “ha”