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ots (only the silvas) – pressure lyrics


man paolo k!lled this sh+t

you’re feeling the pressure it’s rising eating you up from inside but you ain’t gon fall
i wish that i could just open the door and be honest instead i’m just talking to walls
all of the weight that i put on my shoulder i can’t get it off all i need is a call
had to go through with this all on my own i’m being accountable no one to fault
i put in the work, i put in the time but i could just never see if you were fine
i’m picking the pen up i’m making it rhyme, i’m sorry that i can’t just pick up the signs
losing myself, i’m lost in my mind, i’m spending the hours i lost track of time
i carry this sh+t so that we don’t decline, i’m praying it works so that we’ll be divine
i’m moving so hot that i might need a fan or a couple of people that i know will ride
i’m feeling emotion i bottle it up had to hide it from you cuz i know that you cry
i’m tryna communicate all of the sh+t that’s been happening hoping that i’ll be alright
the sh+t that i’m saying might come off as strong but i hope that you understand and you don’t mind
spending a day in your shoes got me thinking of all of the time that could’ve been lost
i’m looking back thinking of all of the times that i tried to help you but you had me on lock
i’m tryna fix all of the sh+t that i did but you didn’t listen and went and hit block
i know that we stressing but mama i promise that you gonna see me way up at the top
i promise, i promise that ima get you in return
you going through struggle but making it work
i’m watching you suffer it’s making me hurt
i’m tryna move on but you always gon lurk
i given you chances but you never learn
i tried to tell you about how i felt but you never listen and show no concern
if you seen what i seen and felt what i felt then you would be crying bout it
you wanna come back but i see no improvement there ain’t no way around it
you tryna tell me how you feel but i know you don’t know cuz your mind’s crowded
your logic and reason just sounds like abuse i know that your thought’s clouded
we came up so far, we went through the worst so why would we give up now
i look through the tint, i look in your eye so why won’t you make a sound
i live like a king don’t need no one else so ima just wait til i’m crowned
when i’m at my lowest i gotta look up at the people that still hang around
they kicking me down while i’m tripping and falling
but ima keep stalling the end of the road, i gotta explore
i’m talking to god and this ain’t what he show, i’m shooting for more
i kick down the door and i’m facing the issues that i never told
and i’m taking them out when i see them so i could see my whole family covered in gold

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