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outreach program - outreach.wav lyrics


[verse 1: clay0127]

fell in love, pull up to the club
fall back out of love, f+ck is up
can’t get off the drugs
never was enough, never loved
i just need a hug, i just need the one
but my time is up
and yeah, that girl, she’s out of reach
and still i’m reaching up
and yeah, that girl, she’s out my league
and still, it’s batter up
man i can’t kick the nicotine, the f+ck have i become
like am i really worthy of, worthy of your love
i know that i’m so hard to reach, but still i need ya hun
i swear that it’s not you, it’s me; it’s why i always run
it’s why i’m never done
it’s why i’d always rather be some form of high or drunk
i really hate it but i’m happy when i feel none
when i can’t feel nun, when the nerves buzzed
when my confidence is peak, this sh+t up in my blood
when that anxiety, it leaves and i can speak for once
i really want you to talk to me cause i can speak for once
i really want you here with me because i need your love, love

[verse 2: heroz]
know i, know i
know i need you
choppa kick his ass like it’s sifu
take his top off, no lambo
rollin’ with my brothers, know we can’t fold
i’m with clay, spend a stack, make it back
brodie keep it on him he could never lack
bro you better watch yourself, get clapped
turn ’em to a hashtag where he at?
made a new love, we move past the old ones
shawty hit me up, text her back like i owe her one
call the squad up i don’t do no one+on+one
mega pull the strap out, yeah we get ’em gone

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