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oxymoron – the day after lyrics


the news is coming with no changing
but with one we can’t stay apart
at the other worldside
tragedy will be start

in a stupid conflict
two nations facing eachother
winners won’t remain
and the world shall not be the same

then arise a roaring monster
killing as an evil poisoner
our disgrace is coming right now
begun by fews but suffered by all

the monsters were sent to every place
we have to hide, there’s no escape
there’s no time to think about
there’s no way to get out

oh what bright, what heat
oh how much pain
my body is blazing in flame
my breath is so tame

now i’m trapped in my own fate
cause death refused me
blinded by this nuclear war
destruction is all i can see

i’m nothing and i’m burning
and all those living creatures
lying rotten near me
there’s no past and no more future
only present so sad to see

and after comes the dawn
the day after to be lived