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oxyoxy collective – ots freestyle lyrics


[?] are you ignorant

[verse 1: ohsmithhh]
i be off the sh+ts, f+ck her once
yeah, make her quit
30 on my hip, make it bust
yeah, let it rip
had to drop a hoe, cuz they wasn’t with the sh+ts
had to f+ck a hoe, cuz she wasn’t with the sh+ts
after party, i just signed my name on her f+ckin’ tits
after party, i just signed my name on her f+ckin’ lips
after party, i’m chuggin’ mud, i ain’t takin’ sips

[verse 2: ohsmithhh]
with the gang, got a glock, let it bang
you blowin’ my phone up startin’ problems
but i let it rang, yeah i let it rang
claimin’ you a vamp but where’s yo fangs?
i just made a deal, made 300, i’m a rich boy
move around in silence got the opps likе “where yo stick boy?”
i can’t really f+ck wit a lamе, i’m off the sh+ts boy
i just want to talk about money, ain’t no broke boy
i remember back in the 6th, found my dream, thought i could make it stick
trying so hard to get there
found a honey, thought we was a good pair
but you know i can’t let sh+t drag me down
all these lames in my messages, lookin’ like clowns
and i’m almost the man of the f+ckin’ town
lost a lot of loved ones, on the f+ckin’ way
but you know i never fall, i’ll f+ckin’ stay

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