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pacific dub – native lyrics


i’ve got these eerie vibes
you’ve got your state of mind
we’ll make this music move you
straight from your heart to mine
move yourself up and down
keep bouncing all around
note by note we will make you
give in to these sweet sounds

we need helpful embrace
all through our human race
stop words of self destruction
fix this before it’s too late
calm your minds take a listen
we’ll help fulfill the vision
planting the seed of knowledge

on our musical mission
minds racing
feel these sensations
can’t get complacent
got to believe
thoughts move fast
can’t slip into the past
just make this feeling last
it’s your ability

vibrations through your body
freeing your mind entirely
troubles concerns escaping
find peace of mind that you need
follow our lead we’ll provide
the sound you need to get high
head spins you start to come down
inhale, exhale take a ride