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paigey cakey – top of the world lyrics


[verse 1: paigey cakey]
my time wasn’t wasted
my karma’s amazing
send any more shots in my way
i may just take you out like we dating
can’t wait for the day to say “n-gga, we made it”
flow is amazing, chicks always hating
i am the one that the sisters are praising
that is the reason these b-tches are crazy
it’s crazy, they don’t know me well
well, my life’s real
but this sh-t can feel like a fairytale
tell em i’ll never fail
i am the girl they all wanna be
i’ll never f-ck with them wannabes
’nuff gyal wan’ follow me
i’m on top of the world, where they wanna be

[hook: paigey cakey x2]
i’m on top of the world, top of the world
we be on top of the world, top of the world
what would you do if [?]
ayy, what would you do with a bank account like me?
ayy, what would you do with a bank account-

[verse 2: stormzy]
i’m on top of the world (yeah?)
i’m on top of your girl (huh?)
she’s sucking me hard (what?)
it was sloppy as h-ll
might take your girl to the shard for a meal
you man tryna go hard for a deal
still on job, still calm in the field
never gone soft [?]
anyway, i get cakey with paige
naw, i get paigey with cakey
wait, that didn’t make sense
wait, no sorry i’m wavy
look, 2014’s been crazy
you man still stress [?] lazy
used to go to my shows for the hoes
but now i roll up to my shows cah it pays me

[hook] x4