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pantera – death trap lyrics


i see you runnin’
you’re gone
a million miles away
but you know i’m comin’
violenz that
blows you into sp-ce
and you think
you’re gonna get away
like you did before
but you’re the type
i never feel sorry for, so

fall into my death trap
fall into my death trap

life’s paranoia
you’re hiding in
the dark all day
at nite i call you
cause i know
you’re always wide awake
so you never
sleep at all at nite
of you’re wasted life

so now i’ve got you
you’re cornered like a fool
i terminate you
live by my golden rule
task complete
and once again i’ve won
now i search
for another victim to come
i can’t explain the sheer
thrill of it all
its such a chill
to watch the meek just fall

death trap death trap
death trap death trap
fall in!