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pantera – good friends and a bottle of pills lyrics


“good friends and a bottle of pills”

i f-cked your girlfriend last night.
while you snored and drooled, i f-cked your love.
she called me daddy.
and i called her baby when i smacked her -ss.
i called her sugar when i ate her alive till daylight.
and i slept with her all over me,
from forehead to ribcage i dripped her -ss.
sometimes i thought you might be spying,
living out some brash fantasy, but no.
you were knocked out.
but we were all knocked out you know.
in a way

i serve too many masters.

we didn’t know you’d break the bottle
that the magic came in to use those jagged shards
to cut our wrists and neck.
and you’d do it too, you’re that kind of dude.
but you wouldn’t know what you were doing
because i didn’t,
your girlfriend could have been a burn victim,
an amputee, a dead body.
but god d-mn i wanted to f-ck.

i’m losing what’s left of my f-cking mind,
i serve too many f-cking masters.

(i told you. i told you motherf-cker)