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papa dick – honey & ginger lyrics


i’m whiter than lea thompson’s t–th
your beneath me; bathing apes on my feet
like it’s 08 and im not g-y, no b-tch
introverted ways, converted to maze
convertible bert; rick ross
im tossed, no lost sleep over this
cuz im so crisp, and your my b-tch
im that niglet, so get off my d-ck
like rappers with gimmicks i get sh-t
f-ck you trying to rap is like me balling at 5’6
you can’t do it
bruise this ego get folded like three fold
oragami, try to stop me you f-ggot b-tch
im trapping in your dad’s -n-s
like aunt gemima
or a nipple t-sset, on a bad b-tch
from brazilian -sses
im a f-cking f-ggot
get up off my d-mn sh-t
ya’ll b-tches can’t have this
mothaf-cking flow, fl
no studio, b-tch you can get off my sh-t
im a f-ckin ho wit 10 f-ckin d-cks
im a little b-tch
l!cking on my cl-toris
like a motherf-cking kitten with 10 dogs
n-gga don’t wanna b wit me cus i got smog
that’s what i blow
out my window
u n-ggas can act like hoes
but i don’t