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papoose – clap out lyrics


i still ride with that street sweeper
rose mo stay with that rose like wiz khalifa
one of these lames step on my sneakers
his pocket rang go something behind his speakers
i ain’t with all of that talking we could clap it out
chopping in his club man i’m clapping out
i still ride with that street sweeper
rose mo stay with that rose like wiz khalifa

i’m clapping out dry snitches hating on me what they
mad about
’cause i bees with the g’s and the b’s and the c’s
never freeze i just breeze through the peace
these old g’s don’t eat no cheese
do it big like nino it seems
enemies with the flees on their knees begging please
i just squeeze what they eat where the cabbage at
sure of myself never had a doubt
grab a lame by the chain pull the carrots out
i keep the mac cop on roll bullet back blocks in
you with a slap bars we can slap it out
what’s all the bragging about
people in the penitentiary where you heading out
your skinny jeans is all tight how you readers gonna
you be singing all night like gladis mouth
we can shake till you p-ssing out
ufc you be tapping out
use a 44 bet better close your vest
expose your face shoot your bozo chest
like scarface when he came a nolo death
oppose no threat we a polo yes
i owe no deaths ’cause my flow so fresh
like so so death when the brat was out
i stray not the savage out
got a transporter i can take travis out
you call that a cold game
i don’t think it’s no game
’cause i stay with cocaine never had a drought
papoose no magic wow
reaching the hand pull a rabbit out
cop new course clash him out
i be the – trash it out
getting money mj cashing out
anyone: michael jackson, magic johnson, michael jordan
ball lights bolding, tired of recording
man f-ck that, i’m out